Best of 2020 Stage 2: Matching Maps

Stage description

Which 2 maps are the same?

Recommended device

Desktop computer or laptop.


You’ll see 4 small maps. They look the same but actually only 2 are. You need to pick those 2 to get the points!


At the end you’ll be ranked by:

  • firstly on how many answers you get right
  • then by how long you take (from opening the link to submitting the final question)


You can do 3 warm up games here.

Ready to compete?

You’re off to Argentina for the first 5 puzzles then to the Lake District. The maps may look familiar as we’ve used them before but what we changed is different.

There’ll be 10 controls.

When you’re ready to play go to this link.
When you finish, your result will be automatically recorded

You MUST complete this stage by 23:59 UK Time on Tuesday 29th December.

If you have any issues, please contact us.


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