Best of 2020 Stage 5: Photo Memory-O

Stage description

Remember the map and choose the photo that shows the control.

Recommended device

Desktop computer or laptop.


You’ll see a map with a control and the direction that you’re approaching the control from (shown as an arrow). Then, on the next screen, there are 4 photos. You need to choose which photo matches the map you just saw. You can’t go back to the map again.


At the end you’ll be ranked by:

  • firstly, how many answers you get right
  • then, how long you take (from opening the link to submitting your answer to the final question)


You can play a warm up game by going to this link.

Ready to compete?

The map is a forest sprint area in Scotland.

When you’re ready to play, go to this link.

When you finish, your score will be automatically recorded.

You MUST complete this stage by 23:59 UK Time on Tuesday 29th December.

If you have any issues, please contact us.


Big thanks to our sponsors:

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