World Champs 1999 Stage 3: The Maze!

Stage description

You have to navigate your way around an orienteering course in a maze, as quickly as possible.

Recommended device

Desktop computer or laptop.

Background info

For the Junior Weekend we’ve built our own version of Laby. Why? To make it a fairer competition and a bit easier to play!

The game Laby was created by Jarkko Ryyppö, who also created the original Routegadget. This game was originally created in the 1990s so it is a classic! It’s the closest you can get to orienteering on a computer without using Catching Features or Virtual-O.

Tips (important!)

We definitely recommend that you play some warm-up games before playing the actual stage.

  • The compass on the floor is always visible and points “north” (towards the top of the map).
  • Whatever you do, stay in contact with the map – it is very, very difficult to relocate!

Practice here.


There is a choice of two courses:

  • Large Maze – 40×40 grid
  • Medium Maze – 20×20 grid

You’ll be ranked by:

  1. firstly, which course you complete – everyone who completes Hard course will be ranked above those who only complete Easy course
  2. then, the total time you take to complete the course


You can play some warm-up games (from the Junior Weekend) before moving on to the real thing:

Ready to Play?

The Maze may take a second to load (especially with a slow internet connection) as it is building a full 3D model, please be patient – it should load. Once the maze appears (It has blue walls), everything should be loaded, and nothing else needs to download. Please remember to click the `Finish` button once you have completed the maze, to upload your time.

You can do both mazes below, the last one you complete will count, so do the easier one first 🙂

  1. Easy course
  2. Hard course

You MUST complete this stage by 16:00 UK Time on Sunday 15th November.

If you have any issues, please contact us.


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