World Champs 1999 Stage 7: Photo Memory O

Stage description

Remember the map and choose the photo that shows the control.

Recommended device

Desktop computer or laptop.


You’ll see a map with a control and the direction that you’re approaching the control from (shown as an arrow). Then, on the next screen, there are 4 photos. You need to choose which photo matches the map you just saw. You can’t go back to the map again.


At the end you’ll be ranked by:

  • firstly, how many answers you get right
  • then, how long you take (from opening the link to submitting your answer to the final question)


You can play a warm up game by going to this link. You can find the solutions to the warm-up using this link.

Ready to compete?

The controls are from the Women’s Short Race at World Champs 1999 with the photos taken this year. Amazing how little has changed in 21 years! It is harder than our previous Photo Memory O stages as the ground shapes can be difficult to see. Good luck!

When you’re ready to play, go to this link.

When you finish, your score will be automatically recorded.

You MUST complete this stage by 16:00 UK Time on Sunday 15th November.

If you have any issues, please contact us.


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